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Authentic Mexican chorizo in Calgary’s butcher shops

Calgary’s diverse culinary scene caters to its multicultural population with an array of meat products, transcending its meat-centric history. Recently, the sizzling and spicy Mexican chorizo has carved out a niche for itself, delighting residents with its distinct flavor profile. Let’s delve into where you can source this delectable sausage in Calgary.

Mexican Chorizo

Mexican Chorizo: A Brief Overview

Chorizo, originating from the Iberian Peninsula, has many regional variants. Uncooked Mexican chorizo’s distinctive red hue and spiciness come from its blend of chili peppers and paprika.

Why Calgary Has Embraced Mexican Chorizo

The rising Hispanic and Latino populations in Calgary, coupled with an overall increased interest in global cuisines, have made chorizo a sought-after ingredient in local kitchens and eateries.

Where to Find Authentic Mexican Chorizo in Calgary

El Mercado Butcher Shop:

A family-run business, this shop sources authentic ingredients to create traditional chorizo, capturing the essence of Mexico in every bite.

Calgary Farmers’ Market:

A stroll through this bustling market reveals vendors who specialize in handmade sausages, with chorizo often being a highlight.

Global Meat Shops:

Stores like ‘Calgary International Meats’ boast a variety of global meat products, and their chorizo, sourced directly from Mexican producers, has become a bestseller.

Incorporating Mexican Chorizo in Your Meals

Can enhance any dish, from breakfast tacos to evening paella. For a quick meal, try sautéing it with onions and peppers, or add it to your favorite pasta sauce for a special touch.

Calgary’s culinary horizon expands with ingredients like Mexican chorizo, signifying the city’s global flavor embrace. When shopping next, grab this spicy sausage for a taste of Mexico in Canada’s heart.

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