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Casa Catrina

Discover Authentic Mexican Experiences at Casa Catrina in Calgary

Calgary, known for its bustling culinary scene, has a gem in its heart for those craving authentic Mexican flavors. Situated at The District at North Deerfoot, Casa Catrina promises an unparalleled dining journey with its meticulously curated menu, where each dish is a statement of tradition and innovation.

Casa Catrina

Authentic Classics and Innovative Twists

From the comforting classics to the tempting new additions, Casa Catrina offers a broad array of delectable dishes. Eager diners will find solace in their vast range of offerings:

  • Tacos Galore: First and foremost, dive into the world of authentic tacos. With options ranging from the succulent shrimp to the flavorsome beef barbacoa, these aren’t just dishes. Indeed, they are the staples, the very heartbeats of any Mexican menu. Moreover, Casa Catrina ensures they’re served with all their traditional flair.

    A Celebration of Nachos and More: For those already acquainted with the warm, crunchy embrace of nachos or the sweet temptation of churros, this is unquestionably your haven. Additionally, when you pair it with the sumptuous carne asada platters, you’re certainly in for a treat.

    Discovering New Delights: While familiar names naturally dot the menu, Casa Catrina doesn’t hesitate to introduce the lesser-known gems. For instance, the Torta de Discada sandwich really stands out, with its handmade traditional bread practically begging to be dipped in the accompanying sauce. Furthermore, dishes like the adobo salmon, the rich tortilla soup, and the irresistible huaraches clearly showcase the culinary prowess of Casa Catrina, inviting patrons to delve even deeper into the Mexican culinary landscape.

    Fun Twists on the Familiar: Have you ever imagined a fusion where the heartiness of a chicken burger seamlessly meets the zest of Mexican spices? Or perhaps, a poutine gracefully doused in delightful Mexican flair? Well, Casa Catrina certainly has. These inventive dishes are not just a testament to their undeniable creativity, but also, and importantly, to their commitment to offering something refreshingly unique to every diner.

Sip and Savor: Cocktails Done Right

A Mexican dining journey is incomplete without a toast. Casa Catrina’s cocktail list is a symphony of flavors, majorly championing the versatility of tequila. Every drink isn’t just about taste, though. Served in beautifully designed glassware and garnished to perfection, they’re a feast for the eyes as well.

Plan Your Visit

Immerse yourself in a truly authentic Mexican experience right in Calgary. Address: The District at North Deerfoot – 1510 Country Hills Boulevard NE, Calgary Website:


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