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Cowboy to Cowboy: Mexican Boots Shops in Calgary

Calgary, with its renowned Western heritage, has naturally become a destination for footwear enthusiasts. While cowboy boots might be the city’s iconic footwear, there’s been a recent surge in the popularity of their southern counterparts: Mexican boots. Let’s explore the unique charm of these boots and where you can get a pair in Calgary.

Mexican Boots

The Tale of Two Traditions

Both the North American cowboy and the Mexican vaquero have roots that trace back to Spanish equestrian traditions. The cowboy boot and the Mexican pointy boot (botas picudas) are distinctive reflections of these traditions, tailored to the unique needs and styles of their wearers.

What Makes Mexican Boots Stand Out?

They are known for their intricate designs, embroidered patterns and often an exaggerated pointed toe. They are both a fashion statement and a nod to cultural heritage. With a wide variety of materials, from genuine leather to exotic skins, there is a pair for every taste.

Where to Buy Mexican Boots in Calgary

  1. La Tienda Del Vaquero: Located in the heart of downtown Calgary, this store features an extensive collection of authentic boots, handcrafted by artisans in Mexico.
  2. Western Elegance: While primarily focused on traditional Western wear, they have recently expanded their inventory to include a curated selection of high-quality Mexican boots.
  3. Calgary’s Farmer’s Market: Several stalls offer handcrafted Mexican boots. It’s a delightful experience to meet the sellers, often families preserving their craft, and learn more about the boots.

Styling Your Mexican Boots

Pair them with skinny jeans or a long, flowing skirt to let the intricate designs shine. Whether you’re attending the Calgary Stampede or a downtown gala, these boots can complement a wide range of outfits.

The growing popularity of Mexican boots in Calgary reflects the city’s evolving fashion scene and its appreciation for diverse cultures. Whether you’re a boot enthusiast or feel like trying a new style, they offer a blend of tradition, craftsmanship and style.


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