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Discovering the Magic of Palenque, Mexico

Welcome to Palenque, Mexico! Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure full of history, mystery and fun. We invite you to get to know this hidden treasure in the Chiapas jungle that, in addition to its Mayan legacy, hides secrets and surprises that will take your breath away.


Part of Palenque’s history

Palenque, Mexico, is an archaeological treasure of great historical and cultural importance. Located in the state of Chiapas, Palenque was a Mayan city that flourished during the Classic Mesoamerican period, between 600 and 800 AD. One of the most notable rulers of Palenque was K’inich Janaab’ Pakal, known as Pakal the Great, who left an impressive legacy at the site.

Its impressive architecture and hieroglyphs carved in stone tell the story of an advanced and sophisticated civilization. At the archaeological site of Palenque, visitors can marvel at monuments such as the Temple of the Inscriptions, where the tomb of Pakal was found, and the Palace, which show the artistic ingenuity and architectural knowledge of the Maya.

In 1987, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, thus safeguarding its legacy for generations to come. Palenque, a must-see destination, invites you to unveil the secrets and wonders of a civilization that still continues to amaze the world.

Mayan architecture in Palenque

The Mayan architecture at Palenque is an amazing testimony to the grandeur and creativity of this ancient civilization. Located in the Chiapas jungle of Mexico, Palenque was a thriving city that reached its peak of splendor during the classic Mesoamerican period.

Majestic Temples and Imposing Pyramids:

Palenque is adorned with impressive temples and pyramids that soar skyward as silent witnesses to the past. The Temple of the Inscriptions, with its majestic step pyramid, is one of the most outstanding monuments. Its name comes from the inscriptions carved inside, which tell the story of the ruling dynasty and the achievements of its leaders.

Stone Carved Art:

Palenque’s architecture is richly decorated with carved stone sculptures. Sculpted pediments and panels display realistic portraits of Maya rulers, as well as mythological figures and deities. These masterpieces of Maya art reflect the skill and attention to detail of the sculptors of the time.

Royal Tombs:

Palenque was the final resting place for its rulers. The Tomb of Pakal, located beneath the Temple of the Inscriptions, is one of the most famous tombs at the site. It contains the sarcophagus of Pakal, an elaborate monument depicting the Mayan ruler descending to the underworld.

Plazas and Ballgames:

Plazas and ball games were fundamental spaces in Maya architecture. In Palenque, there are two ball courts, where the Maya practiced this ritual sport. These spaces were centers of important ceremonial and social activities.

Outstanding Attractions:

You can’t miss the impressive Temple of the Inscriptions, the longest title in Mayan history! Also the mysterious Palace will dazzle you with its magnificence. Beware, you might be tempted to proclaim yourself king or queen of Palenque.

Temple of the Inscriptions:

This majestic temple is known for being the tomb of King Pakal, one of the most important rulers of Palenque. Its name comes from the hieroglyphic inscriptions found on a stele inside. With a height of approximately 25 meters, this building is an impressive example of Mayan architecture.



The Palace of Palenque is a complex and fascinating structure. Built on several levels, it has patios, corridors and rooms decorated with intricate reliefs. It is believed that this building was the center of the political and administrative life of the ancient city. Visitors can explore its corridors and admire the sculptures that adorn its walls.


Temple of the Cross:

Located in the Great Plaza, this temple stands out for its reliefs depicting a king celebrating a sacred ritual. The temple takes its name from a cross carved in the shape of a cross found inside. From the top, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding jungle and Palenque’s other buildings.


Temple of the Sun:

Also known as “The Observatory”, this temple is located at an elevation that allows it to receive the first light of the sun each morning. It is one of the oldest buildings in Palenque and offers a panoramic view of the archaeological zone. Its strategic location and design make it a fascinating place for astronomy and nature lovers.

Group of the Crosses:

This architectural complex is composed of three temples: the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Foliated Cross and the Temple of the Cross. Together, they form a sacred area that the Maya used for important ceremonies and rituals. The details and symbolism present in these temples offer a unique perspective of the Mayan cosmovision.

The Aqueduct:

This hydraulic system is an impressive example of Maya engineering. The aqueduct transported water from the Otulum River to the ancient city of Palenque, guaranteeing the water supply for its inhabitants and allowing the development of a prosperous civilization.

Chiapas Jungle Experience:

Experience the jungle in all its splendor. Embrace nature at its wildest while listening to the monkeys singing and the birds humming. Without a doubt, it is a symphony that will make you feel connected to mother earth.

Practical Tips for Travelers going to Palenque:

What to bring on your trip to Palenque? At first, comfortable and light clothing, appropriate walking shoes and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Don’t forget a camera to capture every magical moment you will experience!

Gastronomy and culture of Palenque:

Time to savor the authentic Chiapanecan food! Taste traditional dishes like pozol, tamales and fresh seafood. And if you’re lucky, you might coincide with a local fiesta full of music, dance and color.

Additionally, let yourself be enveloped by its magic and discover why it is a place that leaves a mark in the hearts of all its visitors. So, don’t wait any longer to live an unforgettable experience!

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