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Exploring Uxmal Mexico: Ancient Mayan Archaeological Wonders

Welcome, intrepid travelers, to this incredible journey through time and the archaeological wonders of Uxmal, Mexico! If you’re looking for a destination that combines the thrill of exploring ancient ruins with the charm of Mayan culture, you’ve come to the right place.

uxmal mexico


Thousands of years ago, long before smartphones and social media dominated our lives, the Maya built a city that defies our modern understanding – Uxmal. Yes, it seems that even before memes, they were already creating pyramids and impressive constructions. How envious of their creativity they were!

According to legends, the Maya were quite skilled in architecture and design, and Uxmal is the living example of their genius. Each building had its purpose, from religious ceremonies to observing the stars. It seems they were true multi-tasking geniuses, how can you not admire that!

But, legends aside, archaeologists have unearthed the real story behind Uxmal. It was in its heyday between the 7th and 10th centuries A.D. that this city shone with splendor. Its architecture, with unique influences and intricate sculptures, perplexed many visitors of the time. It is said that even the gods themselves were impressed and liked the pictures of the pyramids.

However, as in any good story, there came a time when Uxmal ceased to be the fashionable city and fell into oblivion. The Maya moved on and Uxmal became overgrown with vegetation. Fortunately, in the 19th century, explorers decided to unearth this archaeological treasure.

Top 10 things to do in Uxmal: Mayan adventures that will take your breath away!

1. Light and Sound Show:

At night, Uxmal transforms into a magical stage full of lights and sounds. The sound and light show will take you on a journey through time, telling the story of the Maya and their fascinating legacy.

2. Explore the House of the Turtles:

If you thought only ninja rats were cool, get ready to see the House of the Turtles in Uxmal. This structure has beautiful reliefs of turtles sculpted on its façade; are you up for the one with glasses and a Mexican hat?


3. Enter the Nuns’ Quadrangle:

Although the name may sound like a wild party, the Nuns’ Quadrangle is actually an impressive set of ceremonial buildings. Stroll through this sacred space and contemplate the intricate architectural details that the Maya left for our delight.


4. Tour the Governor’s Palace:

Step inside the Governor’s Palace, a Mayan construction that would inspire anyone to live the life of royalty. Explore its chambers and observe the exquisite details of its facades, you are sure to feel like a Maya king or queen!


5. Visit the Astronomical Observatory:

If you are passionate about the universe and the stars, Uxmal’s Astronomical Observatory will leave you in awe. The Maya were experts in astronomy, and here you can learn about their knowledge and how it influenced their daily lives.

6. Admire the Temple of the God of the Wind:

Make sure your hair is combed because at the Temple of the God of the Wind you will feel gusts of air at the top of this structure. In addition to the refreshing breeze, you will enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view of Uxmal, so don’t forget to hold on to your hats!


7. Marvel at the Ball Game:

The Maya were not only good architects, they were also fond of sports. At Uxmal, you will find a ball game court, where the ancient Maya competed in exciting games. Do you dare to try a Mayan canasta?


8. Walk the Camino de los Chultunes:

Dare to walk the mysterious Camino de los Chultunes, a series of subway reservoirs that the Maya used to store water and other resources – who knows, you might discover the hidden treasure of an ancient Maya!

9. Enjoy the Botanical Garden:

After so much excitement and discovery, relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of Uxmal’s Botanical Garden. Here you will find a great variety of local flora and fauna, an oasis of tranquility to contemplate and reflect on the grandeur of the Maya culture.

10. Climb the Pyramid of the Soothsayer:

Want to feel like a real Mayan archaeologist, then climb the steps of the Pyramid of the Soothsayer! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be Indiana Jones to enjoy the breathtaking views from the top, but be careful! Don’t unleash an ancient curse when you get to the top.


Food and beverages: A Maya feast for your palate!

After so much archaeological adventure, your appetite will surely be roaring like a hungry jaguar. But don’t worry, in Uxmal you will find a variety of culinary delights to satisfy your most exquisite desires.

  • Tamales de Xcatic: Xcatic tamales are simply irresistible! Filled with pork marinated in achiote and wrapped in banana leaves, they will delight you with authentic flavors and a spicy touch that will make you ask for one more, please!


  • Sopa de lima: Refresh yourself with a delicious lime soup, a unique blend of citrus flavors and tender chicken that will transport you straight to the heart of Mayan cuisine, it’s like a comforting hug in every spoonful!
  • Tikin Xic Octopus: Get ready to surprise your taste buds with Tikin Xic Octopus! The octopus is cooked to perfection in a mixture of achiote, orange juice and aromatic herbs, a true feast for your senses!


  • Cochinita Pibil: You can’t leave Uxmal without trying cochinita pibil! This emblematic dish is a delicacy for pork lovers. The meat is marinated for hours in achiote and orange juice, then slowly cooked in a subway oven, guaranteed to make your mouth water!
  • Horchata: Need a refreshing drink? Try horchata, a sweet and creamy drink made from rice and cinnamon, perfect to combat the heat and recover energy to continue exploring!

In Uxmal, the adventure is not only in the ruins, but also in every bite you enjoy. So let yourself be carried away by the Mayan flavors and live an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

What is the best time to visit Uxmal? The Mayan climate awaits you!

Although Uxmal is a fascinating destination all year round, there are certain seasons that can make your visit even more pleasant and magical. The best time to travel to Uxmal depends on your personal preferences and climate tolerance.

Dry Season (November to April):

If you prefer to avoid the rains and enjoy the cooler weather, the dry season is ideal for you. From November to April, rainfall is scarce, allowing you to explore the ruins and trails without worrying. In addition, temperatures are more moderate, making your Mayan adventures easier without feeling overwhelmed by the heat – the perfect time to discover Uxmal’s archaeological treasures and take Instagram-worthy photos without clouds in the sky!

Rainy Season (May to October):

Although the rainy season may scare some travelers, don’t worry, it has its charms too! If you don’t mind a little humidity and are willing to carry an umbrella, this season will offer you a quieter Uxmal, with fewer tourists. In addition, the tropical rains bring the vegetation to life, painting the landscape with shades of lush green and creating a magical and refreshing atmosphere. The heat also brings its positive side: pools and cold drinks will be your best friends to cool you down!

Is it safe to travel? The Mayan adventure awaits you with no worries!

Safety is a legitimate concern for any traveler, but you will be happy to know that Uxmal is considered a safe destination to visit. The archaeological area is well cared for and supervised by trained personnel who ensure the protection of visitors and the ruins.

The staff at Uxmal takes the welfare of tourists very seriously and ensures that the structures and roads are in optimal condition. However, as with any trip, it is important that you take basic precautions to ensure a worry-free experience. Here are some useful tips:

  • Travel insurance: consider taking out travel insurance to cover you in case of any eventuality.
  • Take care of your belongings: As in any tourist destination, it is advisable to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid carrying unnecessary valuables.
  • Hydration and sun protection: Uxmal can be hot, so be sure to bring enough water and apply sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Follow staff directions: Follow the instructions and signs of Uxmal staff to make sure you respect restricted areas and ensure your safety.
  • Respect for nature and heritage: Be sure to maintain cleanliness and not damage the structures or the natural environment, remember that we are visiting a historical treasure!

Museums and Art: Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Uxmal.

In addition to the majestic archaeological ruins, Uxmal also offers a variety of museums and exhibits that will allow you to delve even deeper into the fascinating Maya culture and enrich your experience in this magical destination.

Uxmal Site Museum:

Located near the main entrance to the ruins, the Uxmal Site Museum is a must-see place to start your tour. Here you will find an exceptional collection of Maya artifacts, such as ceramics, sculptures and utensils, which will give you a closer look at the daily life and beliefs of this ancient civilization. In addition, the interactive exhibits will transport you back in time, making you feel as if you were living in the Maya era!

Chocolate Museum:

Who can resist the allure of chocolate? In Uxmal, there is also a museum dedicated to this delicious delicacy! Learn about the history of cacao and its importance in Maya culture – you’ll even have the chance to taste authentic Maya chocolate and discover how it was appreciated in the past!

Museo del Arte Popular Yucateco:

If you are passionate about Yucatecan art, this museum is a real treasure. Here you can see an impressive collection of works of art that represent the tradition and identity of the region. From colorful handicrafts to lively paintings, you will marvel at the creativity and talent of local artists.

Calendar of local events: Celebrate Maya life all year long!

Uxmal is full of energy and culture throughout the year, thanks to its exciting events and celebrations. If you have the opportunity to visit on the right dates, you will witness the richness of traditions and the warmth of the local people.

  • Fiesta de San Simón: In October, Uxmal is filled with color and music during the Fiesta de San Simón. This festivity is a unique combination of Mayan and Catholic traditions, where dances, food and religious celebrations blend to create an unforgettable experience.
  • Spring and Autumn Equinox: The equinoxes, which occur in March and September, are special times to visit Uxmal. During these days, the sun aligns with the steps of the Pyramid of the Soothsayer, creating a shadow that resembles the shape of a snake. This phenomenon is known as “the descent of Kukulkan” and is an event of great importance for the Mayan cosmovision.
  • Festival of Life and Death: At the end of October and beginning of November, this festival is celebrated in Xcaret Park, located near Uxmal. The event pays homage to the Day of the Dead tradition and offers a deep insight into Maya culture, rituals and beliefs about life and death.
  • Festival de la Trova: If you visit Uxmal in December, don’t miss the Festival de la Trova. Enjoy the music, songs and talent of local and regional troubadours who will fill the air with notes and emotions.

Remember that local events may vary from year to year, so be sure to check the festival calendars before your trip so you don’t miss out on any of these unique experiences.

What to buy in Uxmal? Mayan treasures to take with you

Bringing back a souvenir from Uxmal is an enchanting way to keep the magic of this unique experience alive. Around the ruins and at the local craft stalls, you will find a wide variety of souvenirs and handcrafted products that capture the spirit of the Maya culture. Here are some options to take a little piece of Uxmal home with you:

  • Clay and ceramic handicrafts: The talented hands of local artisans create wonderful ceramic and clay pieces, ranging from small figures of Mayan gods to elegant vases and decorative plates. These unique pieces are ideal for decorating your home or giving as gifts to your loved ones.
  • Weavings and textiles: The Maya are famous for their skill in creating colorful and beautiful textiles and weavings. In Uxmal, you will find a wide range of products, such as hand-woven hammocks, blankets, bags and traditional clothing, that will allow you to take a piece of Maya culture with you.
  • Silver jewelry: Silver is another artisanal treasure at Uxmal. Local jewelers create beautiful pieces of jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, with designs inspired by Maya symbology and patterns. To wear silver jewelry from Uxmal is to carry a symbol of the Maya essence with you.
  • Wooden carved souvenirs: Wood is also a raw material that local artisans work with mastery. From hand-carved figures to decorative boxes and ceremonial masks, these pieces reflect Maya artistic skill and spirituality.
  • Bee honey and honey products: The Yucatán region is known for its delicious bee honey. Take the opportunity to buy a jar of natural honey and other by-products, such as beeswax or propolis. Besides being delicious, these products also have beneficial health properties.

Local climate: Ready for the heat and history!

Uxmal’s climate is typically tropical, with warm temperatures throughout the year. Below is a summary of the weather in Uxmal during the different seasons:

  • Dry Season (November to April): During these months, the weather is cooler and drier, making it an ideal time to visit Uxmal. Temperatures range between 20°C and 30°C, allowing you to explore the ruins and the surrounding area more comfortably. It is important to bring sunscreen, a hat and cool clothing to protect you from the sun and keep you comfortable.
  • Rainy season (May to October): In the rainy season, temperatures can be higher and the weather more humid. Rainfall tends to be abundant, especially in the summer months (June to September). However, the rains are usually heavy but of short duration, leaving room for sunny moments. If you visit Uxmal during this season, be sure to bring an umbrella.

Whatever the time of year, we recommend wearing comfortable, cool clothing, appropriate walking shoes, and a water bottle to keep you hydrated as you explore the wonders of Uxmal.


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