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Mexican breads: 10 breads that you must try

Welcome, bread lovers and gastronomic adventurers! On this delicious page, we’ll dive into the vibrant world of Mexican breads. Prepare your taste buds for a journey full of authentic flavors, contagious laughter and baking secrets that will make you exclaim: Viva el pan mexicano!

1. Conchas

The bread that can never be missing in any Mexican bakery. Its round shape, sweet topping and spongy texture make it a unique delight, a real pleasure for the palate!

Conchas- mexican bread

conchas recipe- coffe

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2. Orejas

This sweet puff pastry bread has a slightly hard but pleasant texture. Perfect to accompany with a good cup of coffee. The Mexican baker showed his creativity in shaping this delicacy that, from the dough to the oven, captivates our senses.


3. Trenzas

Braids are traditional sweet breads that require meticulous preparation to achieve their braided shape. The Mexican baker combined art and bakery to create this marvel.

Trenzas -mexican bread

4. Moño

When I was little, the bow tie was my favorite bread, even its name made us kids choose it! Let’s remember the famous song “El moño colorado”, which takes us back to those sweet moments of childhood.


5. Bigotes

Whiskers are another sweet bread that we can find packaged, but without a doubt, the best and tastiest ones are in local bakeries. Why settle for anything less when you can enjoy a freshly baked whisker?


6. Pan de Muerto

This exquisite traditional bread is a must for Day of the Dead celebrations. You can find it in different sizes, from an individual one to one for the whole family. Dipped in sugar or with sesame seeds, it is a true culinary treasure.

Pan de Muerto - mexican bread

7. Rosca de Reyes

Another bread that unites Mexican families is the Rosca de Reyes. With its special shape, dried fruits and sweet icing, we celebrate Three Kings Day, so get ready to cut a slice and find out if you get the doll!

Rosca de Reyes

8. Cocoles

Cocoles are breads that have a long history dating back to Mayan and Aztec times. Originally, they were made with corn, but with the arrival of the Spaniards, wheat was adopted, a delicacy that connects us with our roots!


9. Cuernos

These Mexican breads resemble horns and, curiously, their name is related to funny or deceitful situations. But beyond the jokes, their unique flavor and versatility make them a delight in every bite.


10. Pan de Yema, Oaxaca

On a trip to Oaxaca, you can’t miss the yolk bread accompanied by chocolate, an irresistible combination that will make you enjoy it to the fullest.

Pan de Yema, Oaxaca

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