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Fonda Fora Calgary

What Is Fonda Fora?

Have you ever heard of a magical place in Calgary where traditional Mexican fondas meet contemporary culinary artistry? You’re about to be introduced to just that – Fonda Fora. Let me whisk you away on a journey to this enchanting destination.

At its core, Fonda Fora pays homage to the heart-warming fondas peppered throughout Mexico. Picture this: modest, no-fuss mom and pop eateries, often with a mere handful of tables, where delicious breakfast, lip-smacking snacks, or affordable Comida Corrida are the order of the day. But wait, there’s more to Fonda Fora than just that.

The Modern Twist

Today, the term ‘fonda’ has evolved. It’s no longer limited to the traditional image of a small eatery. It encompasses a vast spectrum, right from the elite white-tablecloth establishments to the avant-garde chef-centric spots. And Fonda Fora embodies this beautiful blend. Moreover, ‘Fora’, signifying a forum, adds a layer of depth. It’s envisioned as a gathering hub where conversation flows as smoothly as the wine, making dining a truly communal experience.

Meet the Genius Behind the Menu: Chef Emilio Montenegro

But who’s the mastermind churning out these delectable dishes? Enter Chef Emilio Montenegro. This culinary maestro, recently crowned as a ‘Top 30 Under 30 Chef’ by Food and Beverage Magazine, has a riveting story to tell. “I’ve ventured globally, soaking in diverse cuisines. Every adventure fuelled my love for distinctive flavour marriages, local ingredient sourcing, and head-to-tail butchery. Our latest offerings? They mirror these very passions,” beams Chef Emilio.

Why Visit Fonda Fora?

Nestled within the elegant confines of the Westley Hotel in Downtown Calgary, Fonda Fora beckons you with its promise of a gastronomic journey through Mexico’s culinary tapestry. And it doesn’t stop at just food. An array of handcrafted cocktails awaits you, set amidst a backdrop of modern-yet-retro décor, a brainchild of the illustrious Frank Architecture. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there’s always a reason to drop by.

Recognition Speaks Louder Than Words

And if you need more convincing, here’s some food for thought. Fonda Fora’s trophy cabinet boasts accolades such as ‘Best Mexican/Latin American 2023’ and ‘Best of Downtown 2023’ by Avenue Magazine. Not to forget, Chef Emilio’s own recognition in ‘Top 30 Under 30 2022’.

Address: 630 – 4th Ave SW

Official Website:

Contact Info: (403) 764-6260

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