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Mikey’s Taco Shop

The Taco Shop at Mikey’s on 12th: Calgary’s Hidden Gem for Authentic Mexican Tacos

Calgary may be renowned for its stampedes, picturesque surroundings, and a vibrant arts scene, but if there’s one thing food aficionados have long been on the hunt for, it’s that perfect taco experience. And yes, tacos could just be the embodiment of culinary perfection: compact, versatile, and brimming with flavors. A bite of a well-assembled taco is not just food; it’s an emotion, reminiscent of those bustling street carts in Mexico.

Traditionally, Calgary might not have been your first guess for a taco haven. But the city’s culinary landscape is ever-evolving, and hidden gems abound for the discerning palate. From tucked-away spots in specialty grocery stores like UniMarket to delightful nooks in Chinatown’s strip malls such as Moose and Poncho, the quest for the authentic taco experience never really ends.

Mikey’s Taco ShopEnter The Taco Shop, a fresh addition to Calgary’s burgeoning taco scene. But here’s the twist – this taco haven operates from a window at the back of a cherished music venue. That’s right; Mikey’s on 12th, known for its live tunes and vibrant atmosphere, is now home to what might just be the best traditional Mexican tacos in the city.

Why The Taco Shop is the Talk of the Town The Taco Shop’s inception is a testament to innovation and the undying love for authentic Mexican flavors. It’s the synthesis of Calgary’s love for music and food, all wrapped up (quite literally) in a soft tortilla. Every taco they serve speaks volumes of authenticity, tradition, and a zest for quality.

But what makes The Taco Shop truly special is its unexpected location. There’s something uniquely charming about ordering an array of mouth-watering tacos from a window, only to then immerse oneself in the electrifying environment of Mikey’s on 12th.

Discover The Taco Shop at Mikey’s on 12th

If you’re in Calgary and yearning for that genuine Mexican taco experience, it’s time to make your way to Mikey’s on 12th. Located at 918 12th Ave. S.W., the venue promises not just soulful music but also a taco experience that rivals the streets of Mexico.

To find out more or to place an order, you can contact them at 403-452-8060 or visit their website at

So, fellow Calgarians and visitors alike, as the city’s culinary tapestry expands, make sure you don’t miss out on this melodious taco adventure!

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