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Mexican Migration: A Historical Look at Mexico and Calgary

From the sunny streets of Guadalajara to the snowy avenues of Calgary, the journey of many Mexicans to the western Canadian province of Alberta is a story of hope, dreams, and the search for a better life. Moreover, exploring Mexican migration to Calgary reveals a culturally enriching story that intertwines both communities. Furthermore, Mexico and Calgary share a historical connection.

Mexico and Calgary

The first ties between Mexico and Calgary: 1900-1960

Although the first wave of Mexican immigrants to Canada was relatively small, their impact was profound. These early settlers mainly included businessmen and students attracted to Canada’s educational system and booming economy. This era paved the way for future migrants, establishing a Mexican presence in Calgary that would grow over time.

Economic Drivers: 1970s-1990s

The oil boom of the 1970s in Alberta attracted migrants worldwide. Notably, this included individuals from Mexico. Calgary’s blossoming oil industry, on the other hand, coupled with Mexico’s economic challenges, catalyzed a wave of young professionals and workers seeking opportunities in the energy sector. Consequently, this influx led to the establishment of more permanent Mexican communities in Calgary. As a result, the city became an increasingly popular destination.

The Modern Era: 2000s-Present

In the 21st century, trade agreements like NAFTA and the subsequent USMCA opened doors for greater economic cooperation. With increased trade came a further influx of Mexican entrepreneurs and skilled workers to Calgary. Additionally, the city’s cultural and educational exchanges have grown, strengthening ties and fostering mutual understanding between Mexico and Calgary.

Cultural enrichment between Mexico and Calgary

Calgary’s vibrant arts scene, food culture, and community events have been significantly influenced by Mexican traditions. From Day of the Dead celebrations to authentic taco stands, Calgary’s landscape showcases a blend of Mexican heritage and Canadian spirit. This rich cultural mosaic serves as a testament to the positive impact of migration and the enduring bonds between Mexico and Calgary.

The historical ties between Mexico and Calgary are a testament to the power of migration in shaping communities. Both regions have reaped the rewards of these connections, evident in Calgary’s thriving Mexican community and the cultural exchanges that enrich both societies. As we look to the future, we’re reminded of the deep-rooted bonds that make Calgary a home away from home for many Mexicans.

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