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Moose and Poncho Calgary

Moose and Poncho: A Taste of Mexico in Calgary

Have you ever wished for an authentic Mexican culinary journey without stepping foot outside of Calgary? Well, your wish has been answered, and its name is Moose and Poncho. Dive in, and let’s embark on this flavorful adventure together.

Opening its doors in 2019, Moose and Poncho is not just another restaurant. It’s a tale of passion, authenticity, and a dedication to bringing traditional Mexican flavors to Calgary’s bustling streets. And while the journey began not so long ago, the magic of its taste has already garnered recognition. But, what makes it special?

Moose and Poncho’s Star – Chef Miguel Cornejo

Behind every successful venture, there’s a driving force. Here, it’s Chef Miguel Cornejo. Hailing from Mexico City and armed with 20 years of Canadian culinary experience, Chef Miguel is a true maestro. His creations reflect the essence of Mexico, perfected with top-tier cooking techniques he’s mastered from Canada’s best restaurants. And the result? In 2020 alone, Avenue magazine applauded Moose and Poncho as Calgary’s best Mexican restaurant and even hailed it among the best new eateries. Impressive, isn’t it?

What’s on the Menu?

Now, for the most awaited part – the food. Every dish at Moose and Poncho is crafted with utmost love. Focusing on local, organic, and high-quality ingredients, the menu offers:

  • Classic Tacos that include delights like Carnitas, Birria, Guajolote Tinga, and more.
  • Salsas & Toppings with varying spice levels. Think Mango Pineapple Habanero for some heat or Verde for a milder touch.
  • Chips & More, because who can resist crunchy chips with guacamole or sweet churros with goat’s milk caramel?
  • A range of Drinks like traditional Horchata, Mexican Coke, and Jarrito.
  • And for those who love DIY, they’ve got you covered with their DIY Taco Kits.

But here’s a tip: Don’t miss their individual classic tacos, a treat at just $6.99.

To sum up, Moose and Poncho is not just a restaurant; it’s a passion project. It’s about embracing traditional Mexican culture, enhancing it with a touch of Calgary, and serving it on a platter. So, the next time you’re in town, looking for a slice of Mexico, you know where to go.

Address: 1327 1 St SW

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