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Taking to the Skies: Mexican Airlines Serving Calgary

Despite the miles that separate them, Calgary and Mexico have never been closer. This bridge, in many ways, has been built by the airlines that offer direct and connecting flights between these two destinations. If you’re a Calgarian looking to explore Mexico or a Mexican native seeking to visit Calgary, here’s your guide to the Mexican airlines that facilitate this journey.

Mexican Airlines

The Growing Popularity of Travel Between Calgary and Mexico

Thanks to Calgary’s burgeoning interest in Mexican culture and the steady growth of its Mexican expatriate community, there’s a heightened demand for flights. Mexican beaches are a particular draw during Calgary’s colder months, while business ties further enhance this connection.

Prominent Mexican Airlines Serving Calgary

  1. Aeromexico: Mexico’s flagship carrier offers direct flights between Calgary and Mexico City, providing Calgarians an entry point into the heart of the country.
  2. Volaris: Catering to budget travelers, Volaris offers options that might require a layover but often come at a more affordable price point.
  3. Interjet: Known for its spacious seating and generous luggage allowance, Interjet provides another option for those traveling between these two destinations.

What Sets These Airlines Apart?

  • Customer Service: The warmth of Mexican hospitality often starts on these flights. Passengers frequently highlight the friendly and accommodating nature of the flight crews.
  • In-Flight Amenities: From authentic Mexican meals to a selection of Spanish and English entertainment, these airlines provide a taste of Mexico before you even land.
  • Frequent Flyer Programs: Loyalty programs such as Aeromexico’s Club Premier can offer significant benefits for regular travelers, including upgrades and free flights.

Connecting Through Major Hubs

For those not finding a direct flight that fits their schedule, there’s always the option of connecting through major U.S. or Mexican hubs. Cities like Houston, Dallas, or Guadalajara often serve as convenient points of transition.

As the ties between Calgary and Mexico continue to strengthen, the role of these Mexican airlines cannot be understated. They serve not just as carriers but as ambassadors, introducing travelers to the vibrant essence of Mexico from the moment they step on board.


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