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The Best Mexican Mariachis in Calgary: Where to Find Them

Calgary, famous for its rich cultural fabric, has experienced a growing interest in the passionate and vibrant sounds of Mexican mariachis. This article dives into the heart and soul of mariachi, and how you, dear reader, can experience it in our own city.

Mexican Mariachis

A Brief Look at Mariachi’s Roots

The word “mariachi” originally referred to the musicians, often in groups of 8-12 individuals, wearing traditional charro suits. Stemming from the state of Jalisco in Mexico, this musical tradition blends Spanish theatrical orchestra with indigenous rhythms and song structures, resulting in an art form both poignant and lively.

The Mexican Mariachis Movement in Calgary

In recent years, Calgary has become a hub for Mexican cultural experiences, and mariachi music is no exception. With the city’s diverse demographics and appreciation for international cultures, Mexican mariachi bands have found a warm reception in this Canadian heartland.

Where to Find the Best Mariachi Bands in Calgary

  1. Fiesta Valentina Restaurant: This beloved spot not only offers delectable Mexican dishes but frequently hosts live mariachi performances, ensuring an immersive dining experience.
  2. Calgary’s Annual International Folk Festival: A melting pot of global music and dance. The last few editions have seen outstanding mariachi bands that leave the audience enchanted.
  3. Private Events and Celebrations: A growing trend in Calgary is to hire mariachi bands for private events, from birthdays to weddings. Websites like ‘’ provide an extensive list of available groups.

Engaging in the Mariachi Experience

If you’re keen on not just listening but learning, several mariachi music schools have sprouted in Calgary. These institutions offer courses for all ages, ensuring that the rhythms of Mexico continue to reverberate through the next generations.

Calgary’s love for mariachi underscores the city’s openness and appreciation for global cultures. From the joyful strumming of the guitarrón to the passionate screams of the trumpets, it is an experience in itself. Whether you are a long-time resident or just passing through, don’t miss out on the magic of Mexican mariachis.


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