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The growing influence of Mexican culture in Calgary

Calgary, with its stunning landscapes and the iconic Calgary Stampede, has seen a surge of international influences in recent years. Among these, the Mexican culture stands out, creating ripples of positive change and mutual appreciation across communities.

Mexican Culture

The Historical Context

Though Mexicans have been a part of Calgary’s fabric for decades, their influence remained relatively muted until the last couple of decades. As immigration, student exchanges, and business collaborations rise, Calgary experiences more Mexican cultural events, establishments, and gatherings.

Visible Markers of Mexican Influence

  1. Cuisine: The rise in authentic Mexican restaurants, food trucks, and markets around Calgary showcases the city’s growing palate for Mexican flavors.
  2. Festivals: Celebrations like Dia de los Muertos and Cinco de Mayo, once unknown, have now found a place in Calgary’s annual calendar of events.
  3. Music and Dance: From mariachi bands performing in local events to dance troupes teaching salsa, bachata, and traditional folk dances, the city’s arts scene is vibrantly alive with Mexican rhythms.
  4. Language: More Calgarians are showing interest in learning Spanish, resulting in a rise in language schools and exchange programs.

Factors Driving this Cultural Fusion

  1. Community Building: The growing Mexican community in Calgary has been instrumental in fostering events, gatherings, and establishments that promote their culture.
  2. Curiosity and Openness: Calgarians are known for their warm and welcoming nature. Their openness to new experiences has made it easier for Mexican culture to find acceptance and appreciation.
  3. Economic Ties: Business partnerships and collaborations between Calgary and Mexican businesses have facilitated cultural exchanges on a more formal level.

The Mutual Benefits

Calgary embraces Mexican culture, providing a welcoming home for the Mexican community and its vibrant heritage. This mutual exchange leads to more profound cross-cultural understanding and solidarity.

The deepening influence of Mexican culture in Calgary is a testament to the city’s evolving global identity. An inspiring example of communities uniting, learning, and celebrating diversity through co-created shared spaces.

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