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The Rise of Mexican Flautas in Calgary’s Culinary Scene

Calgary’s rich gastronomic landscape has welcomed and integrated an assortment of international dishes over the years. Among these delights, Mexican flautas have recently made a notable mark. Let’s dive into this delectable phenomenon and identify the go-to places to satisfy your flautas craving in the city.

Mexican flautas

What Are Flautas?

People often confuse flautas with taquitos; however, flautas involve rolling tortillas around meat, cheese, or beans and frying them to perfection. Their name, which translates to “flutes” in Spanish, reflects their long, cylindrical shape.

Why Flautas Have Found a Home in Calgary

The combination of a crispy exterior with flavorful fillings aligns seamlessly with Calgary’s penchant for hearty, savory foods. Moreover, with the city’s rising interest in authentic Mexican cuisine, dishes like flautas offer a tantalizing taste of Mexico’s diverse culinary heritage.

Must-Visit Spots for Flautas in Calgary

  1. Casa Del Sol: This family-owned establishment is revered for its hand-made flautas, filled generously with seasoned chicken and topped with fresh guacamole and sour cream.
  2. El Charrito Taqueria: “In Calgary, heartwarming veggie flautas at the beloved local eatery win hearts.
  3. Calgary’s Mexican Street Food Fest: An annual event celebrating the best of Mexican cuisine, where several vendors showcase their unique flautas recipes, competing for the title of “Calgary’s Best Flauta”.

Incorporating Flautas into Local Events

Calgary events, including the Stampede, now feature flautas stalls, highlighting the dish’s rising popularity.

Calgarians savor authentic Mexican flautas, sizzling their way into hearts, offering a genuine taste of Mexico in every bite. For those unacquainted with this crispy delight, the city offers ample opportunities to indulge and explore.

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