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Tres Marias Calgary

Tres Marias: Calgary’s Mexican Treasure

Have you ever stumbled upon a place that instantly transports you to another part of the world? I bet you’d be thrilled to know that right in the heart of Calgary, there’s a spot that does just that. Allow me to take you on a brief journey to discover the magic of Tres Marias.

Established in 2004 by the passionate duo, Alejandro and Aurora Orozco from Mexico, Tres Marias was born out of sheer love for genuine Mexican flavors. This isn’t just another food market; it’s a place that carries the very soul of Mexico with every product.

What Makes Tres Marias Stand Out?

  • Authenticity at its Best: At the core of Tres Marias is a deep commitment to providing only authentic Mexican food products. Whether it’s the oven-fresh tortillas that melt in your mouth or the signature salsas that set your taste buds on a dance, everything screams originality.
  • All Natural, All Organic: But there’s more to it than just taste. Every meal here is crafted with local organic and natural ingredients. In a world overflowing with artificial additives, Tres Marias takes a stand. Their mission is clear: serve the best of traditional, homemade cooking while ensuring the meals remain healthy and nutritious.
  • A Store Like No Other: Imagine walking into a market where every shelf offers a promise of freshness. That’s what this Food Market is all about. Stocked with flavorful ingredients devoid of preservatives and additives, it truly is a paradise for those who treasure quality.

Why Should You Visit?

Now, you might wonder, with so many food markets around, why pick this place? The answer lies in their dedication. They don’t just sell food; they bring a piece of Mexico right to your table. It’s a blend of culture, tradition, and unmatched quality.

Why wait? The essence of Mexico, in its most authentic form, awaits you. Visit and savour the difference.

Address: Marda Loop, 3514 19 St SW

Official Website:

Contact Info: (403) 243-5335

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