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Colonial cities

Step into an enchanted world and say “I do” amidst Mexico’s colonial splendor. In this article, we will take you on a whimsical journey through hidden treasures such as Mexican colonial cities and colonial towns, where history, beauty and love intertwine. Get ready to embark on a wedding planning adventure like no other!


Cholula Puebla, Mexico: A Hidden Gem

Welcome to a journey full of laughter, emotions and surprises! Get ready to discover the magical city of Cholula, Puebla, ...

Exploring Yucatan Mérida, Mexico

Welcome to Mérida, Mexico, the city that captivates hearts with its historic charm and vibrant culture! In this article, we ...
aerial-shot-of-the-cathedral-in-zacatecas mexico

Discovering Zacatecas Mexico

Welcome to Mexico's colonial jewel, Zacatecas! You don't need a time machine to travel back in time, just let yourself ...

Cuernavaca Morelos: A Gem in Mexico

Welcome to a fascinating journey through the charms of Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring! In this article, we will ...
church-in-taxco-mexico-as-seen-from-a-balcony-colonial cities in mexico

Top 10 Charming Colonial Cities in Mexico

Welcome to a journey back in time full of charm and laughter! In this article, we will take you on ...
Chihuahua city

Explore Chihuahua City: Unforgettable Travel Experience

Welcome to a journey full of charm, flavors, culture and fun! Today we embark on a Mexican adventure through the ...

Exploring Oaxaca

Discover Mexico's hidden gem: Oaxaca. Located in southeastern Mexico, this charming city awaits you with its rich history, cultural charm ...

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