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The 13 best Mexican tacos you should try

Welcome to the world of Mexican tacos, where every bite is a journey full of flavors, emotions and joy! Get ready for an unparalleled culinary journey, where you will discover Mexico’s 12 most emblematic types of tacos. From the simple but adorable tacos with salt to the exquisite tacos al pastor, each bite is a warm embrace full of love. Get ready to delight your senses and immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of Mexican tacos!

Mexican tacos


1. Taco with salt:

Let’s start this gastronomic tour with the “taco with salt”, the master of simplicity and authentic flavor. This taco will greet you with a “Hello, I’m the taco with salt! Who needs complications when my flavor is pure magic?” Accompanied by guacamole and the hottest salsas, this taco will invite you to dance on the dance floor of authenticity.

Taco with salt.

2. Taco campechano:

Now it’s time to meet the “Taco Campechano”, the rebel of the taco gang. This bad boy comes with a combination of meats that will make you say, “Orale, how tasty!” Beef and pork are brought together in a single tortilla, like two best friends who can’t be separated. With its bold attitude and explosive flavor, the Taco Campechano will invite you to take a bite full of fun and culinary challenges.


3. Carnitas Taco:

Attention meat lovers! It’s time to meet the “Taco de Carnitas”, the culinary party’s star of the show. With its tender personality and slowly cooked juicy meat, this taco will conquer your heart from the first bite. Each bite is a sigh of pleasure as you immerse yourself in its irresistible texture. Prepare to fall madly in love with the Taco de Carnitas!


4. Taco de canasta:

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the “Taco de Canasta”, also known as the “Taco Sudado”. This naughty taco is steamed and comes in a basket full of surprises. Its juicy interior and succulent filling will make you feel like you’ve been given a tender culinary hug. This taco will say “Dare you try something different? Go ahead, flavor adventurer!”


5. Taco placeros:

Now it’s time to discover the “Taco Placeros”, the soul of Mexican markets. Get ready to delve into the magic of street food and Mexican tradition. These tacos are full of flavor and love, prepared by expert hands and with fresh ingredients that will turn your taste buds into a whirlwind of happiness.

6. Marrow Tacos:

For the brave and adventurous, the “Tacos de Tuétano” are the culinary jewel that will make you feel like a true conqueror of flavors. Get ready to explore the creaminess and exquisiteness of this culinary delicacy, where the marrow is king and your palate is the faithful subject that applauds with every bite.


7. Cochinita tacos:

Ready for a trip to the paradise of Yucatecan flavors? The “Tacos de Cochinita” will take you straight to the heart of Mexico with their smoky aroma and unparalleled flavor. These tacos have an ancestral history that blends with tradition and passion for Mexican cuisine.


8. Tacos de chinicuitles:

It’s time to venture into uncharted territory with “Tacos de Chinicuitles”! These tacos have a surprise ingredient that will make you feel like a true culinary explorer. Red ants, known as chinicuitles, are the secret touch of this delicacy. Their unique and exotic flavor will transport you to the richness of pre-Hispanic gastronomy. Are you ready to taste the true flavor of history?


9. Fried plantain tacos:

Who said tacos could only be salty? The “Tacos de Plátano Frito” are the sweet surprise of this gastronomic journey. With their ripe plantain filling, fried to perfection, these tacos will make you feel like you’re at a flavor fair. They are the perfect combination of sweet and savory, a true feast for the senses!

10. Taco minero:

Get ready for an explosion of cheese and flavor with the “Tacos Mineros”! These tacos are a true culinary treasure, where melted cheese becomes the star of the party. Each bite is like a trip to a mine of flavors, where the cheese melts in your mouth like the most precious gold. Let yourself be seduced by this epic experience and feel how your palate becomes a mine of happiness!

11. Tacos Gobernador:

With their filling of shrimp and melted cheese, the “Tacos Gobernador” are worthy of a royal banquet. These tacos are a tribute to the cuisine of the Mexican coast and invite you to enjoy the freshness of the sea in every bite. Each taco is like a wave of flavor that envelops you and makes you feel like a real governor of the kitchen. Get ready to rule your senses with this marine delight!

Mexican tacos - Tacos Gobernador

Mexican tacos - Tacos Gobernador

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12. Gringas:

Ready for an epic encounter between Mexico and the Middle East? Gringas” are a culinary fusion that will leave you speechless. With their combination of carne al pastor, cheese and flour tortillas, these delicacies are a sample of how cultures intertwine in Mexican gastronomy. Each bite is a journey that will transport you from the streets of Mexico to the exotic flavors of the Middle East. Get ready for a unique and exciting experience!


13. Tacos al pastor:

And finally, we couldn’t complete this tour without paying homage to the undisputed king of Mexican tacos: the “Tacos al Pastor”. With its pork marinated with spices and achiote, roasted in a vertical spinning top and served with caramelized pineapple chunks, these tacos are the ultimate expression of flavor, tradition and culinary passion. Each bite is an explosion of flavors and will make you feel as if you were in the very essence of Mexico.


And so, dear lovers of good food, we have reached the end of this exciting journey through the flavors of Mexican tacos. From the simplest to the most sophisticated, each taco is a culinary embrace that will connect you with the gastronomic richness of Mexico.


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